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Safeway Cleaning
Safeway Cleaning

Safeway Cleaning Solution

We are a full-service, complete, and comprehensive cleaning service provider based in Orlando, FL, and serving surrounding areas. From residential to commercial, exterior to interior, roof, gutter, window, and a lot more, we cover all your cleaning needs. We pride ourselves on being the only cleaning company that offers comprehensive cleaning services to cater to your specific and unique needs. Contact our experts to discuss how we can greatly benefit your home or workplace with our high-quality, professional, and reliable cleaning services. 

Our environment is increasingly polluted every minute, hour, and day. The industrial age and advancements have rendered our atmosphere to be full of harmful substances. Our air carries enormous amounts of dust particles, dangerous gases, and traces of viruses & bacteria. Mostly since the crisis of COVID-19, the need for having your place professionally cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected has grown out to be vital. That’s where Safeway Cleaning Solution’s experts prove to be super useful. We have developed an extensive range of cleaning services for both residential and commercial needs.

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Our Services

Safeway cleaning solutions


Carpet Cleaning Service

Safeway Cleaning company offers the best quality and most reliable carpet cleaning service. We will leave your carpets stain-free, odor-free, and germ-free.


Disinfection Services

Our disinfection services follow all protocols. Integrity is one of our core values, and we perform careful, reliable, and trustworthy disinfecting services to free your home from viruses and bacteria.


Tile Grout Cleaning

We understand the frustration of seeing your tile grouts filled with ugly grime and dirt. That's why we offer durable and reliable tile grout cleaning services.


Post Construction Cleaning

Want to get rid of all the debris, dirt, mud, and more due to a recent construction project at your property? We are available for a free consultation and quotes to provide post-construction cleaning services.


Post-Event Cleaning

Are you having a party, wedding, or special event at your place? You will need lots of proper cleaning to get your site back to normal, which we are happy to provide. Relax and take benefit from our post-event cleaning.


Upholstery Cleaning

We can perform professional cleaning of your furniture upholstery, such as a couch, bed, pillows, and more. You will get vacuumed, conditioned, rinsed, and vacuum dried fabrics of your upholstery.


Window Cleaning

Our cleaners perform professional window cleaning for your office, commercial property, or home. If not properly cared for, Windows can give you many headaches. We take good care of them at Safeway Cleaning Solution.


Move-In & Move Out Cleaning

Moving in and out of a home can be a catastrophic event in terms of cleaning. As there is so much underlying dust, dirt, and junk when you are packing or setting up your new home. We can make your place sparkling and spotlessly clean.


Deep Cleaning

Since we are a comprehensive cleaning company, we offer full deep cleaning services for your homes and offices. We can clean every little corner and hard-to-reach area in your home.

Why To Choose Safeway Cleaning Solutions?

Dedicated Professional Cleaners

Our cleaners are dedicated professionals with years of experience and passion for thoroughly cleaning residential or commercial spaces. Hence it makes us the best choice for any cleaning work.

Your Cleaning Our Responsibility

We take responsibility to ensure every little part of your big property is cleaned and sanitized. Our people enjoy cleaning. This means the work done will be of high-class and complete.

All Services in One Place

We are a full-service cleaning company offering a complete range of cleaning services. We can perform reliable deep cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, move-in/move-out cleaning, and a lot more.

All Services in One Place

We are a full-service cleaning company offering a complete range of cleaning services. We can perform reliable deep cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, move-in/move-out cleaning, and a lot more.

Customer Satisfaction

We give priority to your satisfaction. We don't stop cleaning until you're fully satisfied and happy with our services. Our workers are aware of this and will cooperate with you in any way you see fit.

Responsive & Reliable

Safeway Cleaning Solutions is a name of a trustworthy, reliable, and responsive company. We provide emergency services; that's why we are dedicated and always ready to assist our customers.

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Round The Clock Availabilty

Competitive prices

Award-winning service provider

100% customer satisfaction

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